be YOUnique project

we here at Beck & Boosh have been lucky enough to have met so many amazing, powerful, and beautiful women on our journeyand by beautiful, we mean beautiful INSIDE and outeven though these women are complete knock-outs, we have heard FAR TOO MANY of them talk down about themselves, express feelings of inadequacy, and show a general lack of confidence

this is something that NEEDS to change

Our  be YOUnique  project
was created to encourage women to embrace their strengths, and all the traits that make them perfectly unique!

we know that as a women in today's world, we have so much pressure put on us from society to discourage our individuality and encourage us to be passivebut we think that each woman is amazing and the path she takes that leads her to finding her inner strength, confidence and style should be celebrated!!!!!!

every month we highlight a different amazing woman and let them speakabout their paththeir journeytheir struggles and successesall in a safe and positive environment

we all have problems with self image and confidence, at some point in our liveswe here at Beck & Boosh believe we need to TALK about thisbe open to each other and ourselves and start a conversation about it, heck, maybe even help each other out and inspire each other along the way 
we want to hear your story
we want to hear you

so check out our media and blog posts and email us at if you'd like to be a part a future be YOUnique highlight!
we couldn't be happier to share this project with you