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What's the deal with Beck & Boosh?

Beck & Boosh is owned by Rebecca LaPointe, a former teacher who started the business in 2013 and is based out of Truro, Nova Scotia, Canada. Rebecca travels around the world to design, source, and hand-pick pieces from companies and artisans overseas who she forms lasting relationships with. The Beck & Boosh Team also helps her with designing specialty,  handmade in-house pieces, just for you! We do it all!

You can read more about our business HERE


What does Boosh mean?

A Boosh is a strong, confident person who is kind to themselves and empowers others. We work every day to support women and encourage them to be proud of who they are and feel amazing in their own skin.

How do I take care of my costume jewelry?

As moisturizers, perspiration, water or beauty products effects the longevity of all costume jewelry, make sure you keep it away from these as much as possible and be sure to wipe down your jewelry when you take it off at the end of the day.  The chemical makeup of each individual's body also reacts differently to certain metals ( we always point out that university rings can turn some people's fingers green). So if you have a problem with any of our pieces in particular, please contact us at customerservice@beckandboosh.com and let us know, we are always happy to help you figure out a solution!

I need to find affordable and unique jewelry, where can I get my Beck & Boosh fix?

Well, don't you worry your pretty heads, we are easy to find! You can obviously buy pieces from our website. We have it set up with you in mind, so it's easy-peasy to put in an order. Or, you can stop by our amazing storefront "World Headquarters" in Truro, Nova Scotia. We have a ton of special pieces, one of a kind, handmade, amazing beauties that can't be found ANYWHERE else. Finally, you can find us in over 50 locations across Canada! Check out where here.


I live far away, but I'm getting a friend to pick up my order, how do I not pay for shipping and select the 'Free Local Pick-Up' option?

You can check out the break down of all shipping costs here. If you are one of those people that live outside of our designated 'Free Local Pick-Up' area, you will not see the 'Free Local Pick-Up' as an option. That's because when you put your address in, the computer will look at it and say "No way, that's way too far!" and not give you the option to pick the 'Free Local Pick-Up'.  If that's the case, but you have a sweetie that is planning on picking up your order for you here at our Truro storefront, all you have to do is put OUR address in for the shipping address at check out. That way the computer will let you pick the 'Free Local Pick-Up' option, and your buddy can pop in and grab it for you whenever!


I want to add something to my piece to make it even more special. Can you do that?

Of course!!! In store we have our JEWELRY BAR . It has tons of pendants, monograms, and beads that you can add to any Beck & Boosh piece, or even make your own creation from scratch! With all of our different lengths and color of chain, our pendants and beads, we can make a completely customized piece, exactly how you would like it! 


How can I make sure I keep up with all the new things Beck & Boosh is doing, and get things like promo-codes, and inside scoops?

You should follow our social media for sure! We are on Instagram, Facebook, Blog and Twitter

You can also sign up for our newsletters to get all sorts of surprise treats!! Just check out our Homepage, scroll to the bottom and get all the inside scoop on our contests, promotions and new pieces being launched.

I'm getting married, and I was wondering if Beck & Boosh can make anything special for me and my gals?

Well, first off CONGRATS! Second, we can customize any of our pieces instore with monograms to add a little special something for your special day. Not to mention all of our super special wedding cards that we can put your pieces on!

ALSO, we now have a specific WEDDING COLLECTION for you to check out on our website!

I have a hard time with some costume jewelry, what is your jewelry made from?

We hear this a lot. That's why we have an amazing selection of pure brass pieces coated in silver or gold, as well as many gorgeous pieces made of alloy or stainless steel with silver, gold or black rhodium plating. All pieces are lead, nickel and cadmium free and our earring hooks are hypoallergenic. Except for our stainless steel pieces as the steel has a small nickle component. 

REMEMBER, if you have any questions at all, just get in touch at customerservice@beckandboosh.com

We love to hear from you guys!